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Powerful and usable 3D Software

STONEX RECONSTRUCTOR SOFTWARE will guide you trough a complete and clear workflow with expandable modules suited to your needs.

Main Features



Use your own high resolution camera to color the scans.


All the Cloud management tools in one application.


Advanced features for BIM, Architecture and Construction.


All you need for quarries, cut&fill volumes, excavations, DTM.

Integrations with other software

Complete solution for 3D photogrammetry reconstruction

Minimum requirements of PC

to work with Reconstructor at the best

  • OS: Windows (XP SP2, Vista, 7 or later) 64 bit
  • CPU: multi-core processor (8 Core)
  • Graphic card:
    •  NVIDIA GeForce GTX , 2GB di Ram (for point cloud work)
    •  NVIDIA Quadro (for mesh e texture work)
  • RAM: 16GB

Case studies

Car Crash Analysis
Understanding the dynamics of a car accident is a difficult task. Starting from the final scene of the crash, reconstruction experts need to work backward in time and determine

In our most recent project we have applied this procedure to a 15th century historical building near Milan (Italy) which was abandoned for more than one century and now

X300 is perfect for difficult environments such as quarries, stockpile, construction sites.

Before & After

Before After

3D Imaging Complete Solution

With this exciting package you have all you need to capture and analyse 3D data.

  • Scan the scene context with Stonex X300 3D scanner and get high accuracy and hidden details with hand held scanner F6
  • Load the data directly into Stonex Reconstructor 3D software and merge it automatically in a complete model
  • Use the advanced features of Stonex Reconstructor to measure, create orthophotos, sections, mesh and textures, overlay images, export data to CAD and BIM software, and much more.