Compact GNSS receiver for accurate and fast satellites fixing


  • S8 Plus GNSS

Staking out a new road, collecting 3D points for a volume calculation, establishing a boundary for a cadastral job … just some of the scenarios where a STONEX S8 PLUS is your perfect partner for your daily surveying job. Its seamless data flow, even in environments where other GPSs do not give any precise response, makes any job a safe and pleasant activity. 

  •  S9i GNSS

Three more S9 were developed after the ‘first generation’ and today STONEX is proud to introduce the new Intelligent S9i which re-establish a new milestone and clarify the gap between STONEX and its imitators.


  •  S800A GNSS

Stonex S800A is a compact, high-performance GNSS receiver with unique features and unmatched in its category. The S800A features the multi-constellation 394 channels GNSS board and supports GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, GALILEO, including L-Band correction.


  •  S10A GNSS

High Performance with Atlas® Capability. STONEX S10A is the latest Stonex GNSS receiver characterized by a new feature that enhances the performances and potential of the field surveys.