S8 GNSSS8 completes the wide range of GNSS receivers produced by STONEX. After the launch of S9III and S7 Series, S8 offers new opportunities to meet the needs of the professional, with the best performance with economical price.

The S8 integrates a 120 channels GNSS board with accurate and quick satellite fixing, a UHF internal transmitting and receiving radio, a GSM/GPRS module for network connection generating differential correction (VRS, FKP, etc.) and a Bluetooth device for wireless purposes. The receiver is delivered full of accessories for Rover/Base applications. STONEX S8 receivers ensure a quick setup for all required working mode. The 100% compatibility with STONEX S9III and S9II, and with Trimtalk™ protocol, lets you combine S8 as a TX Base unit with other STONEX and non STONEX Rover GNSS receivers. Thanks to the integrated suited CUBE software, the survey has never been so easy. Cube combines a fresh and easy interface with a simple and powerful workflow for the user. Its integration with STONEX GNSS receivers makes CUBE the essential tool for professionals’ day-to-day work.

Key Features:

  • Internal UHF TX/RX radiomodem and GPRS, GPS Network ready rover
  • More international certifications (even on the accessories, as batteries and battery charger); IP67 Waterproof degrer
  • Internal radiomodem with selectable output power 0.5/1 W
  • New, optimized Italian design structure; better elimination of heat and increased the EMC behaviour of the instrument
  • Compatible with Carlson SURV CE, MS FieldGenius and the new CUBE field software, developed by STONEX R&D Dep.

S8 GNSS datasheet

A modern surveyor faces challenges unheard of before. In a single day, you might bring in a first-order control point, stake out a section of road grade, and perform an "as-built" audit on another site. This means moving large volumes of data. You must translate complex CAD designs, work with conflicting datums and coordinate systems, generate sophisticated topographic maps, and integrate measurements from a variety of instruments. No matter what your surveying applications require, Stonex offers a broad range of GPS and GNSS receivers to meet your needs. Stonex receivers combine the world's most advanced technology with practical, integrated designs to simplify your daily work.
For us innovation means more than delivering the latest features and functionality in our solutions. Stonex innovation is a reinvention, driven by the need for real advancements in field productivity and system-wide efficiency. The precision optics and robotics of Stonex total stations are paired with the streamlined workflows. With the performance to maximize productivity today, and the scalability to continue adapting to new challenges and opportunities into the future, surveyors around the world trust Stonex optical solutions.
Choose a completely integrated system for streamlined efficiency or a modular system for maximum flexibility. The choice is all yours. We are here to make sure you get the job done. Leverage your surveying expertise and tools into real-time or periodic deformation monitoring of manmade (bridges, dams, buildings) and natural (volcanoes, landslides) structures.
Stonex offers a complete hardware and software system for engineering applications built on the industry-leading Stonex total stations, GNSS technology and field software you already know. The demand for deformation monitoring is rapidly increasing to ensure the stability of aging infrastructure and structures impacted by nearby construction projects. With expensive construction and important natural phenomena including human lives at stake, it's critical that the technology and solutions you use are the best available in the industry today.

Combining the latest in industry-leading GPS/GNSS and optical technologies with customized software and wireless communications, Stonex solutions help to quickly capture the data needed and turn it into actionable information for end users.
Stonex solutions for improving productivity on transportation projects span a broad range of activities including:

  • road surveying
  • stakeout applications
  • as-builts
  • design verification
  • road surface maintenance checks
  • tunnelling stake-out, as-built, and maintenance
  • railway alignment and maintenance