S3GPS receiver Stonex S3 has an internal high sensitivity GPS module able to fix quickly the position in hostile environments such as forests or high-density urban centers. It supports standard NMEA protocol and a proprietary binary format for GPS data output

Great platform for handheld applications Working under Windows Mobile operating system, Stonex S3 is a powerful platform for mobile GIS, navigation and other applications requiring a compact field computer.Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system includes standard software like Windows Mobile Office and e-mail, allowing a rapid exchange of data between an on field operator and the office. Multi-function The integrated 3 megapixels digital camera provides detailed documentation of the condition of an asset, while the integrated GPS receiver records the asset’s location. Compatibility with high capacity micro SD cards enable storage of large quantity of data and background maps.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • GPRS and wireless LAN modules allow easy connection to networks and others equipment
  • User experience is extended by connecting Stonex S3 to barcode scanner RFID readers and portable printer via Bluetooth
  • Thanks to the built-in gravity sensor, Stonex S3 generates a sound signal when it is falling out from your bag
  • 3,5 inches touch screen display provides also good readability under intense sun light
  • In addition Stonex S3 is waterproof/dustproof IP66 certified, as every field-proven equipment should be
  • The long life removable and rechargeable battery allows data collection for a full working day, without the need for recharging.



Stonex provides complete solutions in the fields of archaeology. Our systems are widely used in surveying, extraction and renovation of historical sites, artifacts, or landmarks both from sea or land like shipwrecks, tombs, fossils and structure.
Stonex complete system for archaeological surveying and site recording displays collected data with a direct interface to total station and GPS and features on-site CAD facility, on-site logging of small finds, on-site GIS as well as on-site dynamic contouring. Stonex solution for archaeology is compatible with AutoCAD and other CAD and GIS systems. Its use dramatically reduces the need for data digitalization.

Stonex GIS solutions combine positioning, communications and software to equip the mobile workforce. GIS products greatly improve productivity in hundreds of industries by geo-enabling field workforces with precision, rugged, and easy-to-use products.
Geographical information systems (GIS) provide the solution to all problems related to positioning and geography. Any type of data that can be plotted on a map can be analysed and processed with a GIS. Whether the GIS is being used to find gas, plot the positions of power lines, or just plan the routes for a logistic company, GIS allows users to link maps with other information (attributes) such as location data, addresses, asset inventories, buildings, and other database information.
Stonex provides a wide variety of applications to the GIS industry. All applications involve the use of innovative Stonex mobile solutions to allow organisations to integrate their field personnel into a bi-directional data flow. Powerful tools for display, query and selection, ensure that field personnel receive the maximum advantage for both the data they already hold and the data they are collecting.

Stonex Utilities Field Solutions are the right choice to manage utility assets, conduct field inspections, respond to outages, or delivery customer field services.
By leveraging on our precision-based and industry leading technology, and connecting customer's backoffice to the field, user can be sure they're using the most accurate and up-to-date information to manage infrastructures, operations, and mobile resources.
Stonex professional solutions for utilities (electric, water, gas and waste), help to plan, design, and implement technology and work processes that streamline operations, boost field worker productivity, enhance customer service and speed emergency response times.
The objective is to enable customer to operate more efficiently and effectively.