X300 Laser Scanner

COMING SOON...X300 Laser Scanner

The fisrt compact and lightweight Laser Scanner.

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Stonex provides complete solutions in the fields of archaeology. Our systems are widely used in surveying, extraction and renovation of historical sites, artifacts, or landmarks both from sea or land like shipwrecks, tombs, fossils and structure. Stonex complete system for archaeological surveying and site recording displays collected data with a direct interface to total station and GPS and features on-site CAD facility, on-site logging of small finds, on-site GIS as well as on-site dynamic contouring. Stonex solution for archaeology is compatible with AutoCAD and other CAD and GIS systems. Its use dramatically reduces the need for data digitalization.

Civil, Structural and Plant Engineering involves planning, design, construction and maintenance of roads, railways, airports, sea ports, tunnels, bridges, large buildings, water supplies, hydroelectric power development, sewage and so on.
Stonex range of instruments can be used in surveying, construction and maintenance of roads and highway. The gradual improvement of modern rail networks and the request for high-speed lines, require the most accurate and efficient surveying and monitoring equipment, and this is exactly what Stonex offers. Our instruments have already been used in important projects in Europe, China and Africa.
Leverage your surveying expertise and tools into real-time or periodic deformation monitoring of manmade (bridges, dams, buildings) and natural (volcanoes, landslides) structures. Stonex offers a complete hardwareand software system for engineering applications built on the industry-leading Stonex total stations, GNSS technology and field software you already know.

The demand for deformation monitoring is rapidly increasing to ensure the stability of aging infrastructure and structures impacted by nearby construction projects. With expensive construction and important natural phenomena including human lives at stake, it's critical that the technology and solutions you use are the best available in the industry today.