• FieldGenius

STONEX FieldGenius is the most powerful, flexible, and productive data collection software in the land surveying market.


  • SurvCE

A complete data collection system for RTK, GPS and Total Stations

Stonex SurvCE SurvCE

  • Stonex Cube

The brand-new software for GNSS survey with mobile devices

Stonex CubeStonex Cube

  • GeoGIS

A powerful software solution for fast and efficient GIS data collection


  •  GIS Processor

Stonex GIS Processor is a software dedicated to postprocessing of data surveyed with GNSS systems equipped with software GeoGis


  • Stonex Assistant

STONEX® Assistant is a tool which is conceived for aiding the user to make in a easier way
different operations with the receiver.


  • Stonex GQuick Position 

STONEX® GQuickPosition is a simple to use software, which allows you to process your kinematic data collected during your survey obtaining the maximum accuracy.


  • Stonex Point Marker

STONEX Point Marker is a software application made to generate Rinex files for Stop&Go postprocessing.