GPS Processor

Even if Real-Time positioning techniques have evolved quickly in the last years and have improved their accuracy in a significant way, the need for a data processing after the survey is not vanished. On the contrary there are still valid reason for using this strategy and for choosing a reliable and accurate post-processing software. The typical situations that requires a post-processing techniques are the following:

  • In the surveyed point the differential correction are not available or there are gaps in the signal.
  • The requested accuracy and reliability is very high and goes beyond actual Real-Time accuracy.
  • The immediacy of Real-Time results is not necessary.

STONEX® GPS Processor is a easy to use software, which allows you to process your static data collected during your survey and to obtain the maximum accuracy.
It can process single baselines, with a length from hundreds of meters to thousands of kilometers, or perform complex network adjustment.
It can process different kinds of data: STONEX® data format (.STH) and the standard RINEX format from various GPS receivers.
You can choose the proper processing parameters (data sampling, ambiguity fixing method, satellite elevation cut-off, etc.) in order to adapt the software to different conditions and networks (short or long baselines, short or long timespan, etc.).
For gaining the maximum accuracy you can also import IGS precise orbits (.sp3 files).
With this software user can conveniently choose different coordinate systems or self-defines ellipsoid projection parameters in order to use every national or regional reference system.
The computation time is low, the accuracy and repeatability are comparable with most of commercial software.