Stonex CUBE

Entirely developed and realized by STONEX R&D Lab, Cube is the brand-new software for GNSS survey with mobile devices. Its integration with S9 third generation receivers makes Cube the essential tool for professionals’ day-to-day work. Cube combines a fresh and easy interface with a simple and powerful workflow for the userStonex CUBE software

Cube Software and S9 III receiver were developed in coordination permitting the introduction of many functional innovations thanks to this important synergy. Operations on surveyed data are extremely trustful, job management is simple, archive and recover data options are smart and powerful. Cube implements strong configuration task for the receiver and its components, fast and user-friendly interface thanks to its logical and well-organized access menu and an absolute control on data and corresponding parameters.
Cube’s revolutionary survey system allows point or surveyed entity definition code (attributes) with one click. Cube software and its intuitive interface show all the necessary elements always on screen and maximize the productivity closing complex operations with extreme simplicity.


  • CUBE A → Android
  • CUBE M → Mobile (from WM6.5) on S4HII
  • CUBE T → on T3 (on Windows 10)

Subtitle The brand-new software for GNSS survey with mobile devices